What my coachees Say about the outcomes and IMPact of my Coaching

Since the coaching, the areas we addressed have improved markedly. Some areas (committee management, time management, conversational skills) are not perfect by any means; however allowing myself to identify these areas as possible spaces for improvement has meant that I have challenged myself to improve in them, and with Jeremy’s guidance I have gone through them and self-reflected on areas that I perhaps have not before. As a result, I feel much more confident organising my time, groups/teams that work with/beneath me, and have learnt more of a temperament when in heated discussion, especially around thinking things through before speaking out on a whim.

TA, UoStA, 2018


I found the coaching experience to be a helpful and eye opening experience. I felt that I could trust Jeremy from very early on in the coaching as he put me at ease and was easy to talk to. Throughout the experience he reassured me about the confidentiality of the coaching process so I felt free to be frank and honest about my views and own experiences as a staff member and as a manager. Jeremy helped me to accept that everyone has different personalities and at times that will clash and also that I am not responsible for how people choose to behave. Jeremy helped me to be less judgemental and not hold onto initial opinions formed about people.

T, UoS, 2018

Since the coaching I have successfully secured a promotion. I find that I am able to make more time to reflect on my thoughts and decisions and am comfortable in these being challenged. This has allowed me to develop as a manager but also has sparked more decisiveness within my personal life.

AP, UoS, 2018

’ve been able to take some new ideas back to my office, and to work on the relationships there in terms of leading and building my team. I feel more secure in my own thoughts in relation to the specific areas we discussed, and in my ability to handle things that might not go my way. In particular, I was able to complete a recent challenge without the shadow of a previous experience clouding my approach, as I’d been able to rationalise it beforehand. I felt I was able to understand that experience better after coaching, and to deal with the associated feelings in a more useful way.

R, UoR, 2017

We did not set out goals of radical change, rather reconsidering my approach to certain tasks, which helped to feel more accomplished at the end of sessions. The main benefit of the sessions was certainly to have a more planned out way of dealing with my responsibilities.  Overall, I had an absolutely positive experience with Jeremy and he helped me to adopt a more critical way of reviewing my general attitude towards certain tasks.

LM-D, UoStA, 2017

I have obtained a promotion at work, which I give credit to these sessions for, as it was during speaking with Jeremy that I realised my own priorities. I was able to address an ongoing struggle with my work life balance and now feel able to understand my needs more in depth and I am driven to take the action I need to achieve them.

AP, UoS, 2017

I write this with the benefit of some considerable time between our last session and me giving this feedback and I think actually the benefit of this time has allowed me a much greater opportunity for reflection and to see my personal development. I can say very clearly that our sessions have enabled me to be a much more effective manager than I might have been had we not worked together.

LM, HCC, 2017

Everyone knows that change can be hard but it doesn’t always need to be with the correct attitude and understanding. I found the coaching to be instrumental not only in my achievement of objectives Jeremy’s approach in providing coaching to achieve goals that were set early on in the process was excellently perceived and it was clear from the very first session just how beneficial the coaching was going to be. Each session was crafted with achievable targets in mind and with his considerate yet challenging approach I was able quickly make adjustments to my mindset and build a self-belief in my abilities. Just having time, space and the right coach to really question your current methods and approach can have both subtle and dramatic impacts on work and personal life and for me Jeremy is an excellent coach for providing this mix.

JJ, UoS, 2017

Having Jeremy as a coach enabled me to think more clearly about certain situations and myself. It enabled me to realise that many situations that I thought had gone disastrously wrong at work actually had a positive outcome and that although it was a bad experience I had done everything correct and as I should have. I always thought I was a very confident person, but I began to realise that at times I have not had confidence in my abilities and my work and as a supervisor. I realised that this was not the case and that I should actually be proud of what I have done and the work I am doing. It was a very enjoyable experience, being able to sit in a quiet room away from my team and reflect on challenges I was facing. It allowed me to think in a lot more depth and clarity which I would never have been able to do without Jeremy’s coaching.

HB, UoS, 2016

Jeremy's approach to coaching made me feel comfortable to be open and honest in our sessions. I feel Jeremy listened to me and his questioning allowed me to see the bigger picture and effects of my ideas, views and goals. Without Jeremy I would not have a clear plan of how I would reach my coaching goal. 

KC, UoS, 2016

I was sceptical at first of how much help 3 90 minute sessions could be, but I was proved wrong. I can’t believe the change in myself over the last few months. Jeremy was calm and considerate and really made me feel at ease discussing sensitive topics that I hadn’t discussed before. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone that is experiencing hurdles in their professional life.

FS, UoS, 2016