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What will the coaching experience involve?

Your experience of coaching will be unique as it is defined by your individual needs.  Having said that every coaching experience will have the following at their core;  it will be geared towards your objective and will remain aligned to your agenda throughout. Each coaching relationship will involve the following stages.

Making your decision 

After your initial enquiry we will arrange some time together to get to know each other.   This will be free of charge and the purpose will be to achieve a common understanding of my coaching offer and your coaching needs.  The conversation will lay the foundation of the trusting working relationship that is essential to effective coaching.

The business element

You will need to consider the coaching package that you are interested in. Having done so we will agree a coaching contract that will outline how we will work together and our responsibilities in the coaching relationship.

This picture of Jaen province in Spain offers an Andalucian alternative to the 'needle in a haystack' proverb.  How to find one olive tree when the region has over 60 million !?  My coachees often note that my coaching brings clarity to their thinking, picking out the things that reallly matter from the background noise.  They find their own particular olive tree!  This outcome depends on clarity of understanding of what to expect from the coaching process from its very outset.

What does this picture mean to you?  It offers another take on the glass half full, glass half empty view of the world.  Is this an upward or a downward spiral?  Simply inviting a coachee to think in an upward spiral as opposed to a downward one created a realisation that allowed them to think afresh.  The power of images!

The coaching sessions

We will have decided in our contract whether coaching will be in person, by phone, or Skype.  All methods have their own particular benefits.  The key thing is that you feel at ease when you are being coached which means being comfortable in the place where you are being coached and able to think without distraction.  Having built trust together, you will experience both support and challenge to your way of thinking.  While coaching is often based on conversation we may use more active methods to enrich our work together with your approval, for example physical and pictorial metaphors, and role play.  The session will remain true to your goals allowing that you may find them changing throughout our work together as your thinking develops.  If you would like to read more about my coaching journey and influences click here.

Action and reflection

Delivering the actions arising from the coaching will be your responsibility but something that we discuss as the coaching progresses.  There may be some reflective work between sessions if it adds value to the development of your thinking.  At the end of the coaching relationship we will evaluate its output, outcome and impact on the change your targetted.  I will be grateful for your reflections on the coaching experience to ensure I am always developing my coaching approach.

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