My particular consultancy and coaching expertise

A core value of mine is contribute to others whether this be through coaching, facilitation or training.  The common thread to all of these is that I either challenge people's thinking or help them to challenge their own.  I will be delighted to coach you if you are prepared to think about your thinking, whether from a position of strength or if you are 'solution finding' .   I will help you first to hear and then challenge your own thinking.   I am delighted to coach anyone who wants to be coached and who feels they want to work with me.


Having made that authentic but general statement perhaps I should point out some particular areas where the combination of my professional experience and coaching skills will combine to make a particularly valuable resource to you.  These are noted in the list below and elaborated on under the associated headings.

Level of Experience

Senior and executive staff

Middle towards senior leaders

Students and early careers staff

Sector, SuBJECT, SKills

Higher Education

Secondary Education

SME and social sector

Pharmaceutial research

STEM subjects

Medicine and Healthcare

Student Residences

Research management

Customer Service

PERSONAL Development


Working with others



Thriving during change

Managing stress

Career Management



Secondary and Higher Education

With 10 years leading an industrial schools outreach programme and 17 years as a senior academic in chemistry education I have a profound understanding of challenges being faced by staff and the student community they provide with academic and pastoral support, as well as the challenges of balancing research, teaching and management.  I have experience of coaching academics and secondary teachers.  In the latter community I have a great deal of experience through working at the interface between both industry and schools and then HE and schools while promoting science and the value of degree study to all communities.  My appreciation of the challenges in secondary education comes from my wife how is a Deputy Head of many years standing.  I am committed to supporting students too and do probono work in this  area when I am able to do so.

SME and the Social Sector

Although SMEs and the Social Sector are distinguished with what they do their profits they face the same challenge of having limited resources.  With relatively low development budgets and time concentrated on business as usual it is difficult to focus on staff wellbeing and development.  Perhaps working with such a small number of colleagues fosters a view that development is implicit in their working together.  Of course this is true, to a degree, and something that I am keen to foster by promoting coaching skills to support a self-reflection (self coaching if you will allow me that) and peer to peer coaching.  It's part of my Thinking about your Thinking (TAYT) approach that encourages SME and social sector staff to think about the value of external coaching while developing their own coaching muscles!  Have a look at more about TAYT through this link.

Leaders: wherever you are on the ladder or, if you prefer, in the mix

I have the  skills and commitment to coach at all levels in an organisation from the C suite to the new intake.  Within this spectrum I am particularly interested in coaching leadership skills at a time where they can embedded ready for adaptation and enhancement.  I am an advocate for maximising leadership throughout an organisation as a means of talent realisation, future proofing and welcoming the challenge of change.  I am fascinated by how organisations need to adapt to the changing needs of their staff as well as the historically more common inverse of this.  I have many examples of transformational  change in my coaching in this space and I look forward to doing more team and group coaching as a means of making coaching at these levels more scalable  and sustainable.

STEM subjects, medicine and healthcare

Having spent 13 years as a research chemist and 17 years as a teaching academic in chemistry I have a love of science at my core.  While I no longer practice the subject I understand the intellectual tools required to thrive in it and the challenges and opportunities for those who are studying STEM subject as well as those who are actively teaching and researching them.  More recently I have returned to applying my skills in the National Institute of Health Research in change management and continuous improvement.   My combined experience of research in the pharmaceutical sector, STEM research in general and an appreciation of clinical and public health research means I have a lot to offer in coaching in these areas.

Customer Service and meeting stakeholder need

Meeting stakeholder needs is a key objective.  An obvious statement perhaps yet one that can only be achieved by understanding what that need is in the first place, as well as responding to how it changes.  I influenced, through effective leadership, several teams where setting, managing and meeting expectations have needed enhancement.  I remain committed to helping staff to understand their customers and my experience in this enhances my personal coaching practice as well as makes my coaching offer a particular asset. 

Meeting an individual's needs

I am fascinated by meeting the needs of individuals  who come to me both professionally and privately.   The give them the time and space to think of solutions to the challenges they face is a privilege.  Applying my coaching approach of trust support challenge and change has led to many transformational outcomes that have had long lasting consequences for my coachees.

Career development

For many years I developed an academic placement programme for chemistry students that involved over 80 partners in more than 14 countries.  I was liaison between HEI and industry in setting these partnerships up and came to understand in detail what industry needed from graduate employees.  I had to train students in how to be successful in a competitive selection too.  I extrapolated these skills to supporting career coaching to students, colleagues and private clients and have had considerable success with supporting both career progression and positive career change with my coachees.