Alpamayo Coaching working with individuals

I see my role in coaching you as being an enabler of your development from within.  I will create a coaching programmes to meet your needs - some exemplars are noted below.  Note that all prospective clients get a free 45 minute consultation in advance of starting out on any of the coaching programmes below.

The various packages below are for illustration only.  I am keen to be flexible to ensure that I can meet you needs.  The session lengths can be varied between a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of two hours.

You might also like to look at my particular areas of coaching expertise by clicking this link.  These are not intended to be exclusive.  I am happy to coach anyone provided that they judge I am the right coach for them!

My pricing will depend on the session duration, the overall package you are interested in, and in the method of communication (that is face to face, phone, Skype or similar).    I will be very happy to arrange that free consultation - just get in touch with me using my contact form.

Alpamayo Fast

The shortest coaching programme, suited to you if you have a clear objective in mind and believe a solution is nearby, or simply because you want to get a taster for coaching before a longer term commitment.

For example, 2 x 60 minute sessions

Alpamayo Form

A sequence of five coaching sessions at dates to give a form suitable you. Typically the sessions would be every 2-4 weeks and the coaching would be completed within six months of first session being completed.

5 x 1 hour sessions for £400

increase to 90 minute sessions £520

For example, 5 x 60 minute sessions 

(buy this and get a 6th session free)

Alpamayo Fluid

Book a block of coaching time and then divide it up to suit you.  Typically this would either be in a block of 300 or 450 minutes which you can divide to suit you (minimum 30 mins; maximum 120 mins).  A more fluid approach!

5 x 1 hour sessions for £400

increase to 90 minute sessions £520

You might choose any amount of time here, typically from 3 hours upwards

Alpamayo Flow

A schedule of six weekly, two monthly coaching over a longer period to fit in with the flow of your life.  Something to suit you if the knowledge of having a regular ‘thinking space’ would be of value to you.

This will be a longer term association, with a regular time commitment