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Thinking about your Thinking (TAYT)

TAYT is a phrase that captures so much about what I do.   It applies to what I do in coaching, facilitation and training.  If I hear a client saying 'that made me think' or 'I am thinking differently' or 'I did not realise how my thinking was preventing me from...' then I take that as evidence of that something has worked for them.  The crucial inclusion of  the word 'your' in TAYT reflects that I don't simply expect to work on the cognitive aspect.  I also enjoy inviting my clients to reflect on their feelings and emotions which are so often based on a subconscious response based on deeply held values and principles.  My coaching and facilitation is informed and enriched by being in tune with how I am responding to other people's thoughts and feelings and, when the time is right, inviting people to reflect on how I am responding to their thinking.


I have described how TAYT is about helping groups of people to develop self-awareness, helping them to be better self-coaches.  I also enjoy working with groups of people to help their understanding of how to adopt a coaching approach with their peers, managers and managees.  I have given a number of presentations on both these topics to clients and to the general public.  The accumulative benefit of having a small influence over coaching skills development of groups rather than individuals is significant.  It's something that I am pleased to be involved in!

If you would like to know more about my TAYT approach have a look at a blog post you will find through this link.  Keep an eye out for twitter (@alpamayocoach) and LinkedIn posts (#TAYT) detailing events where I will be speaking.

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