What my coachees Say about the outcomes and IMPact of my Coaching

As well as supporting my coachees to deliver on their coaching objectives I have been pleased that they collectively note a diversity of far reaching outcomes arising from our work together:  greater security, a sense of ease, being challenged with purpose, decisiveness, greater positivity, a sense of ownership, increased self-awareness, more confidence, clarity, empowerment, enjoyment.  Some of their many observations made at the end of our coaching programme are captured below.

I found the coaching very beneficial as it gave me the opportunity and time to think about specific areas of my performance, and to work together with Jeremy on ways to make improvements in these areas. I was happy that I could talk about anything and know that it would remain between Jeremy and myself. It did find that my assumptions were challenged but this was a positive experience, and I found it did encourage a change in my thinking which has helped me to improve my work performance.

DF, UoS, 2018

My sessions with Jeremy were extremely positive, and although a bit nerve-wracking to start with, I became comfortable with them quickly. I enjoyed Jeremy’s approach to the material, the conversations that we had were quite open-ended, which meant that we could explore around a conversation topic and I felt supported throughout. They definitely encouraged a change in my thinking, there were a few topics that had never crossed my mind before! Overall a very positive experience and hopefully a benefit to myself and my department!

JE, UoS, 2018

Following the coaching I was more of the mentality that I would show my personality and allow people to make there mind up and learn what I am actually like. It has allowed me to not over analyse these situations and people I am interacting with. The impact has been that I think I now make a better first impression and play a more active role in group situations, particularly in situations where I am meeting people for the first time

KL, UoS, 2018

At first I was a little sceptical as I have never been ‘coached’ before but I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. It gave me the opportunity to discuss ideas, concerns and issues with someone not linked to my job.

LB, HCC, 2017

Jeremy is a skilled and sensitive coach who really helped me to achieve clarity of thinking

L, NETSCC, 2017

Everyone knows that change can be hard but it doesn’t always need to be with the correct attitude and understanding. I found the coaching to be instrumental not only in my achievement of objectives Jeremy’s approach in providing coaching to achieve goals that were set early on in the process was excellently perceived and it was clear from the very first session just how beneficial the coaching was going to be. Each session was crafted with achievable targets in mind and with his considerate yet challenging approach I was able quickly make adjustments to my mindset and build a self-belief in my abilities. Just having time, space and the right coach to really question your current methods and approach can have both subtle and dramatic impacts on work and personal life and for me Jeremy is an excellent coach for providing this mix.

JJ, UoS, 2017

I found the sessions with Jeremy very thought provoking and helped in giving me a process to follow in order to achieve my future goals. I also found Jeremy to be easy to talk with and that there was a successful balance between being informal/professional.

MH, UoS, 2016

I can struggle with expressing myself freely and often try to deal with challenges and problems alone and in my own way, which can lead to unnecessary stress and worry. The coaching sessions with Jeremy have really helped me to evaluate things in a clearer and much more rational way, prompting me to take a step back and actually think about things before reacting, and to then deal with them in the best way forward.  I feel more confident and positive about dealing with challenges since the sessions.

ACT, UoS, 2016

Coaching was not something I had ever thought about doing before but I am very glad that I approached Jeremy and am pleased to say that I know feel able to produce a ‘ working’ plan to encourage myself to turn change into positives and to accept praise with ease. Jeremy quickly encouraged me to set the steer of our sessions and this facilitated the progress of our sessions by way of making sure I had already given thought to what I wanted to achieve and where I wanted to be at the end of the session. Having an end goal makes it so much easier to tackle by way of small individual steps.

NH, UoS, 2016

Being coached by Jeremy has had a large effect on me, both in terms of my approach to work – helping me to overcome difficulty with various staff interactions – and to my personal life, such as by limiting social media interaction, focusing on family time, and helping with interview preparation.

The sessions have allowed me, more than I thought they would, to properly think and to talk, with appropriate facilitation helping me achieve the goals I set out with.

I have really enjoyed the sessions and believe there has been real value to being coached by Jeremy - I feel better for the experience, more refreshed and hopeful about practicing some of the skills I have learned.

RC, UoS, 2016

Having Jeremy as a coach enabled me to think more clearly about certain situations and myself. It enabled me to realise that many situations that I thought had gone disastrously wrong at work actually had a positive outcome and that although it was a bad experience I had done everything correct and as I should have. I always thought I was a very confident person, but I began to realise that at times I have not had confidence in my abilities and my work and as a supervisor. I realised that this was not the case and that I should actually be proud of what I have done and the work I am doing. It was a very enjoyable experience, being able to sit in a quiet room away from my team and reflect on challenges I was facing. It allowed me to think in a lot more depth and clarity which I would never have been able to do without Jeremy’s coaching.

HB, UoS, 2016

Jeremy's approach to coaching made me feel comfortable to be open and honest in our sessions. I feel Jeremy listened to me and his questioning allowed me to see the bigger picture and effects of my ideas, views and goals. Without Jeremy I would not have a clear plan of how I would reach my coaching goal. 

KC, UoS, 2016


I was sceptical at first of how much help 3 90 minute sessions could be, but I was proved wrong. I can’t believe the change in myself over the last few months. Jeremy was calm and considerate and really made me feel at ease discussing sensitive topics that I hadn’t discussed before. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone that is experiencing hurdles in their professional life.

FS, UoS, 2016

I would highly recommend Jeremy as a Coach. He is patient, a very good listener, knows how to guide you in the right direction with humour, wisdom and sometimes gentle persuasion. I had a genuine ‘Lightbulb’ moment and am able to see more clarity in my own thinking, regarding future projects.

VR, HCC, 2015