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Group/Team Coaching

Group and Team Coaching involve one coach working with a group of participants. 


With Groups (a collection of people interested in understanding each other better although they are not necessarily working towards the same goal) and Teams (a collection of people who are united by sharing a common goal), the coach’s main purpose is to foster honest and open conversation between participants. 


For Groups the outcome might be learning from each other and creating a deeper shared understanding.  For Teams the outcomes might be the same, yet success is likely to be measured in terms of how this translates, measurably, to fulfilment of their goal.


In all cases, my process starts with a conversation to find out what the intended purpose of the coaching is.  I create opportunities for the participants to share their individual perceptions of the need for coaching.  More often than not this is done in 1-2-1 conversations in the first instance.  Once the logistics are agreed the coaching works by any one of face to face, virtual or hybrid methods of connection. 

Research active staff in academic settings, including a bespoke programme by Alpamayo called 'Develop from Within'

Bespoke programme for a finance team at Kingfisher PLC

Senior Leadership Team at an environmental management company

A community of Matrons in a NHS Trust in England

Sabbatical Officers in a Student Union at a Russell Group University

Senior staff in Early Learning Centres across Scotland (private and publicly funded)

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