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My commitment to my coachees

I will give you my complete attention and interact with you openly and honestly.  We will work together in a relationship built on trust

I will adhere to your agenda and support you in first defining and then realising your goals

I will ask questions and use a variety of coaching methods that will challenge you to think in new ways

I will be there on your change journey until you either reach your destination or are ready to carry on the journey alone.

You can be assured of my compliance with the International Coaching Federations Code of Ethics and alignment with the coaching competencies at Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level

Through my coaching I seek to grow the reach of coaching and make the coaching space a welcoming one for everyone. 


Alongside my business I allocate a proportion of my time for the delivery of coaching in support of projects seeking to create societal benefit.


Images so often prompt a thought drawn from the subconscious.


Pictures allow us to make connections where words sometimes fail.  What does this picture represent to  you?  Vibrancy, heat, energy have all been mentioned by coachees.  One took this as a prompt, recognising their need to be more positive and upbeat in interacting with other people.   Others have commented on chaos, hidden layers and masking the unknown.  In all cases the ensuing conversation has been revealing to them.

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