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Values and motivations

It is quite common in a coaching partnership to touch upon values.  In my early days of coaching I did some recordings describing my values and motivations.   I thought to share them here because if I encourage people to explore their own, I should at least be willing to share mine too.
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Trust Support Challenge Change

These four words come up a lot when I describe me coaching approach.  In truth they are central to all good coaching, whoever is delivering it.  What is different in my approach is how I apply my unique life and coaching experience across the delivery in these four areas.





My own development as a coach

Keeping my coaching practice up to date is important to both you and me. 
I do this through a combination of coach supervision and relevant CPD.  You can have a browse of the recent courses/ lectures/ webinars that I have attended, all of which have challenged my thinking and enriched my practice. However, for me the act of coaching itself is the ultimate in development.   I am at ease that excellence is a journey rather than a destination and I enjoy being 'continually curious'. 
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