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Jeremy & Marco's WARES:
Unscripted conversations to be curious about.

For several years we, Marcos Frangos and Jeremy Hinks, have been coaching each other.  We have enjoyed many conversations together exploring our own thinking and feeling.  Of course we also touch on the work we each do, independently and collaboratively to help people to navigate their own unique complexities.  In our 'COVID19 influenced world' conversation has taken on a new importance, in particular those unscheduled, no agenda dialogues that have disappeared behind the formality and structure imposed by a video screen (at least for many of us). 

We realised that we were losing this informality, this spontaneity in our conversations so decided to throw a topic at each other and discuss for 5 mins.  It was such fun, so much so that we recorded some of them and now we are posting them to see whether anyone else wants to add to our reflections and the enquiries that might arise.

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Using architectural spaces and terminology.

Exploring what non spaces are from the perspective of a conversation.

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WARES 4.png

Reflecting on how perspective changes by journeying through wild margins of thinking and feeling

Contemplating the profound importance of actually feeling a sense of spaciousness.

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WARES 6.png

How family sayings influence behaviours decades later.  The profound influence of words echoed down the years

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What happens when you shift perspective from the artist’s creativity to the beholder’s capacity to interpret what they see.  

Flipping the responsibility from artist to beholder

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Altering the perspective from thinking of vulnerability as being a client phenomenon in a coaching partnership

Jeremy and Marcos talk about the thinking behind TurnStone; their work with groups and teams of people that use the 'art of turning your thinking and feeling upside down in the company of others, and being interested about what gets revealed.'

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