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I have nearly 40 years of experience of facilitating discussions with different communities & in a wide range of organisations, contexts, and countries. 


There is an overlap between Group/Team Coaching and Facilitation although there are some critical distinguishing features between the approaches.  As a facilitator, I have some agency over the programme and will plan and design activities that encourage full engagement by all the participants and, to a degree, I will orchestrate the process.  The purpose of the process is to encourage interaction between participants, and cross fertilisation of ideas which is the common thread with Group/Team Coaching.  In a facilitation role this is more proactive and structured than in Group Coaching where the role is more reactive to the group and evolving in real time.  In truth, in any group setting there are likely to be moments where I facilitate and others where I coach.  What is important is that I know which role that I am in, and so do the participants.

Executive Team at the Association of English Cathedrals in response to a Church Synod policy proposal

Senior Team at Leeds Business School in discussions about the future direction 

Wellbeing Team awayday for staff in the National Institute for Health and Social Care Research (NIHR)

Cross Disciplinary Team on the topic of ‘bringing clarity and consistency to our communications and engagement’ with a team from across the healthcare sector

Multiple sessions on a major change programme I led in the NIHR, called 'Growing Adaptability and Responsiveness' (GAR)

Discussions with Communities of Coaches, most notably in my role as Coach Community Director with Know You More.

NIHR public involvement community at their annual meeting on topics public involvement and engagement in clinical research

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