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Private Sector

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My coaching work in the private sector encompasses a range of international and large national organisations including engineering, pharmaceuticals, retail, technology, and manufacturing.  In the SME sector I have worked with companies in IT and environmental construction.  Check out the company logos on the Client Organisations page.

'The coaching has had a profound impact on my team as I have more clarity, and conversations are more meaningful now. I have applied what I have learnt from my coaching session into sessions with my team as well as in other conversations when I have had the opportunity.’


As an example of the outcomes of one coaching project I delivered have a look at the details accessed through the pdf link below.   The coaching focussed on the membership of a SME's senior management team.  The coaching was delivered by virtual connection and involved 6 x 1 hour sessions. To maintain client confidentiality I have removed the name of the company wherever it was referenced in the report.  Apart from that, the feedback summary is shared as it was received from the clients.

‘Having never been coached before, I benefitted greatly from hearing myself talk out loud and answer my own questions, with Jeremy’s probing. Really rewarding and positive experience. Feeling much more positive about my performance and have a book of notes to run through when I need to re-focus.’
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