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March 29th – a significant date……..for Alpamayo Coaching Ltd.

Yep, March 29th should be a day signalling momentous change in the UK with it being the scheduled date for our departure from the European Union. Whether a leaver or a remainer it is a date that has loomed large, being approached with either delight or trepidation. However, whether through indicative or meaningful (!) behaviour Parliament has contrived to ensure we remain uncertain and undecided (at least at the point of posting this).

As a consequence I am going to focus on something more personal and significant to me. It’s my birthday or, to be more accurate, it’s my company’s birthday - Alpamayo Coaching Ltd is one year old! In a nod to one of the underlying Brexit themes an area of both challenge and reward is judging when to form partnerships and when to work independently. Happily for me the choice is not a binary one. I can do both and vary the balance over time.

It is one of so many areas where I have qualitative and quantitative evidence of what I have achieved. However, the pace of life as a micro business is such that acknowledgement of achievement is at risk of becoming a luxury rather than being an aspect of good reflective practice. So as a birthday present to Alpamayo Coaching Ltd I thought to offer a publically stated acknowledgement of achievement. Collating it and putting it ‘out there’ will focus my attention on what I have achieved through Alpamayo Coaching. I might even give myself a ‘like’ if that is not too much virtual narcissism!

In the last year Alpamayo Coaching Ltd has:

  1. Reached 400 hours of 1-2-1 coaching

  2. Worked with 60 coaching clients

  3. Worked with 18 different companies and organisations

  4. Provided services across private, public, church, and social sectors and organisations from SMEs up to large international organisations.

  5. Encouraged meaningful conversations within teams (collectively more than 50 people) using Lumina Spark Portraits.

  6. Observed and assessed trainee coaches during their training by Maximum Coaching leading to their accreditation by the International Coach Federation.

  7. Project managed the evaluation of a particular change implementation in the National Institute of Health Research as well as a multicentre project looking at the use of digital tools in recruitment and retention of patients to clinical trials.

  8. Connected with chemistry research community with a Develop from Within programme of group coaching with a community of post-doctoral researchers.

  9. Consolidated a great working relationship with Know You More ( as a founding member and coach.

  10. Participated with Clore Social Leadership on their FindaCoach pilot as an associate coach to leaders in the social sector (

  11. Developed ‘Thinking about Your Thinking (TAYT)’ and delivered public sessions on coaching skills with David Lloyd Gyms and the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce.

  12. Enhanced its virtual presence with a website (, blogging, twitter presence (@alpamayocoaching). (Note to self – always room for improvement!)

  13. Authored 1029 documents with a total of 1.21GB of content (Note to self – beware of the ‘never mind the quality, feel the weight’ approach to judging outcomes!!)

That’s a great list to read back through with a very strong sense of diversity - diversity of people, of companies, of projects. As I write I reflect how important diversity is to me in all these dimensions. It also brings home to me just how many people I have met and worked with over the last year. The trust that they place in me is humbling and something that I will never take for granted. So thanks to all of you who have been part of my journey over the last year.

So, that’s Alpamayo Coaching Ltd – one year on after a big decision. What is it going to be like to look back one year after whatever Brexit decision is made? At the very least I hope it will be with more positivity than negativity along with a desire to move forward with a purpose that has meaning and for the majority of people.

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