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Third Sector

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'You helped me realise the importance of bringing intentionality into my work every day, as well as using experiences to prepare to be a better version of my self in the future...which is now!

Thank you!'

Stephen M, via Find a Coach

I was one of the first coaches on Clore's Social Leadership 'Find a Coach' scheme established to meet the need of leaders in not for profit organisations who wanted to access coaching outside of Clore’s portfolio of leadership development programmes.  I remember writing my BLOG in support of the pilot of 'Find a Coach' and since then I have coached a range of charity leaders from small to large organisations, in the UK and Europe. 

My relationship with Clore was in place prior to COVID19 but it was the impact of C19 that inspired me to coach on one of Clore’s bespoke leadership programme, called 'Leading Beyond Lockdown.'  I wrote a blog post for Clore based on my experience on LBL It was both inspirational and challenging to coach charity leaders in the aftermath of the early lockdowns.  Not only did everyone have their personal trauma to deal with but their funding was also decimated, as 'giving' took a back seat to 'surviving.'  The commitment of this group of leaders to resource themselves to best take on the difficulties facing their organisations was extraordinary.   The reality of COVID required that a lot of Clore’s leadership training went online which is where I collaborated with them on their 'Emerging Leaders Online', providing online coaching to those who were stepping into senior leadership roles. 

'You helped me look at the topics we spoke about in a different way.  I am all about the "reframing" now :) It also helped me understand why I was feeling certain ways and gave me mechanisms to cope with the way I was feeling. Now when I feel myself getting into a bit of a 'rut' I have coping mechanisms to support me through this.'

Lisa B, Emerging Leaders Online


Then came 'Rise Up', a collaboration with London Youth, in which coaching is provided to youth workers supporting young people who are the victims of gangland crime in particular.  An area of complexity on so many levels with the coaching providing essential support to those on the front line of working with the young in the community.  This coaching is now in its third year, a great scheme, having a real impact.  Overall I have nearly 300 coaching hours of experience of coaching with Clore Social Leadership.  Everyone of them has been insightful, meaningful, purposeful and all carrying the gift of learning for me and my coachees.

'I have confronted more of my issues and people have noticed but it has started a difficult part in my journey of letting go of preconceptions and the past in general.'

Taylor B, Rise Up


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