Trust    Support    Challenge    Change

My coaching, facilitation and training gift is the unique experience you will have with me in a partnership built on mutual trust, and a balance between support and challenge that suits you.  The outcome will be your capacity to change, either on the back of your learning, or based on the decisions you choose to make in coaching.

In relation to coaching I enjoy exploring our different perspectives from our individual mountaintops.  I believe that the richness and depth of a coaching partnership depends on the willingness to explore those differences, always being intentional in pursuing my coachee's goal in doing so. 


I bring 40 years of professional experience and a wealth of coaching skills which I intuitively draw upon in response to what is coming up in our conversation.  Some time ago I tried to identify my coaching niche and arrived at all sorts of possibilities.  None ever sat well with me until I realised how the statement below captures my niche perfectly, and is equally relevant to personal or professional explorations.

"I coach everyone who wants

to be coached by me."

Dr Jeremy Hinks  PCC SFHEA


Coaching & Training Services

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I coach across sectors, at all levels of seniority, and with all ages.  My drive is to increase the reach of coaching, and to make it a more welcoming place for people who have perhaps thought that coaching (or becoming a coach) is not for them.  With over 350 clients in the last four years, and 1500 hours of coaching, comes the knowledge that my coaching niche is captured in a phrase that has gained real significance for me:  I coach anyone who wants to be coached by me.  

Group Coaching & Facilitation

All group coaching and facilitation projects start with a consultation, leading to a bespoke provision whose purpose is to encourage conversation between participants, ensuring all voices are heard and listened to.  In facilitation I might structure the session around some particular activities while in group coaching the coaching methodology evolves with the needs of the group.  I have worked with peer teams and vertical teams in both public and private sectors.

Training & Public Speaking 

I can create bespoke training/coaching programmes for you drawing on my public and private sector experience, specialist knowledge of coaching skills, leadership, process efficiency, and change management.  My USP is the connections that I can make across these areas for the benefit of my participants.  I am also an experienced public speaker on the topics above, 

Behaviour Preference Profiling

If you are looking for the best Psychometric test, I would look no further than Lumina Spark Profiling.  As a Lumina Learning practitioner, I believe that the Spark & Emotion profiles offer amazing insights into our underlying, everyday & over extended personas.  Its real value is in the conversations it triggers in 1-2-1 coaching and with your colleagues in group coaching.

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I work with a number of partner coaches and organisations.  My partnerships serve one of three purposes:  to ensure that my coaching can scale-up to medium and large coaching projects; to offer additional perspectives to my training services through intellectual partnerships; to fulfil a social purpose common between me and my partners.

What my Coachee's say...

"Since the coaching I have successfully secured a promotion. I find that I am able to make more time to reflect on my thoughts and decisions and am comfortable in these being challenged. This has allowed me to develop as a manager but also has sparked more decisiveness within my personal life."

Team Leader

"I was sceptical at first of how much help 3 x 90 minute sessions could be, but I was proved wrong. I can’t believe the change in myself over the last few months. Jeremy was calm and considerate and really made me feel at ease discussing sensitive topics that I hadn’t discussed before. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone that is experiencing hurdles in their professional life."


"I would highly recommend Jeremy as a Coach. He is patient, a very good listener, knows how to guide you in the right direction with humour, wisdom and sometimes gentle persuasion. I had a genuine ‘Lightbulb’ moment and am able to see more clarity in my own thinking, regarding future projects."

NHS Manager

...and the impact of being coached by me.

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