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Some prompts for reflection and storytelling

It shouldn't be a surprise that my curiosity about your personal and professional journey might be fuelled by enquiries!  Here are some below that we might explore in a conversation.  You might find them useful to prompt your own reflection in advance of a future conversation we might have.

  1. Tell the story of your personal and professional evolution since your left student life behind.

  2. What is it that you understand about yourself now that you did not understand at the outset of your career?  How has this change in self-awareness influenced you?

  3. What have you learned about yourself in your career that now guides decisions that you make?

  4. What superpower have you discovered about yourself while in the workplace and how have you used it to benefit yourself and others?

  5. What metaphors might you use to describe yourself at the outset of your career?  What about a metaphor to describe where you as you are now?  Finally, how would you describe the change you have experienced?

  6. What is it that brings the best out of you?

  7. What tends to hold you back?

  8. In your experience, what lies at the heart of good leadership and how do you demonstrate it in the way that you work with others?

  9. There is so much going on in the world that needs resolution.  I am interested to know if you sense your ‘activist within’ and how you express this part of you through your behaviours and actions.

  10. Do you recall any particular thinking that was triggered in our conversations of all those years ago?  What echoes are there of your student experience that still have meaning for you now?

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