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What's it all about?

As you might have gathered I am a coach.  It’s a role I find fascinating given that I get to work with interesting people and am privileged to listen to them as they think out loud.  Coaching allows me to be curious about what lies beneath a person’s thinking and to have them respond to that curiosity.

I sometimes get frustrated with the fact that many people believe coaching to be something you only use to fix a problem, to mend something that is broken.  What about using development coaching to improve something from a position of strength?  After all, this is something that is taken for granted in sports performance coaching!

I want to offer some people the chance to experience the reality of being coached at no cost to them.  That something is COACH-RUARY*, a little acorn of a campaign.   So called because it is a thing of beauty in its current form yet in the future it might grow into something bigger!

* and why not borrow a month's name like so many other campaigns - at least this one does not involve either growth or removal of hair as so many others seem to!!

What's in it for me?

I take the view that in life you need to give a little to gain a little.  Yep, there is an altruistic element to what I am doing yet I will gain too.  Any coach worth their salt is always learning from working with their clients so I will benefit from that.  I am also confident that your experience will be a positive one.  I will be delighted with an outcome where you become an ambassador for the value of coaching and perhaps even want to continue using my coaching services.

You can also think of it as a skills swap.  You get my coaching expertise and I get your feedback on how you found the coaching experience.

What am I offering YOU?

  • I am offering the first 15 people who join COACH-RUARY
    2 x 60 minute coaching sessions

  • The sessions are delivered virtually (phone, Zoom or Skype) and are free of charge!

  • You will need to sign up* in February 2019.  Given our busy schedules the coaching sessions will extend beyond February up until the end of April 2019. 
    * Click through to my contact page and send me a message with COACH_RUARY in the subject line

What's in it for YOU?

You will get some experience of coaching and what it might do for you.  It might be that in the two sessions you can move your thinking forward in an area that is of particular interest to you.  What you will definitely get is experience that will allow you to judge whether coaching might be of value for you in the future.

What's in the small print?

You will need to sign up to an agreement between the two of us that you can review here (click on the icon).  The agreement is pared back as much as possible with the dual purpose of being clear about our roles in the coaching partnership and offering some assurances to each of us.

Why now?

There is no hard-nosed reason for doing this now.  I guess it fits in early in the year as we think of plans for the year ahead.  February is just far enough away for this not be considered to part of a New Year’s resolution, yet is also timely for those whose resolutions are beginning to waver!  I hope it is a time that is good for you!

What action do YOU need to take?

In the first instance, get in touch through my website contact page or by connecting on LinkedIn if you  wish (with a message to say you are interested in COACH-RUARY)

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