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Health & Social Care

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Pretty much all of my professional career has related to health in one way or another.  As a medicinal chemist I was interested in creating new antibiotics.  As an academic, I was interested in the intellectual, personal, relational and mental health of all the students with whom I worked.  Then, with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) I was working with clinicians, consultants, patients and carers.  My coaching has covered work in all these groups, most often in primary or secondary healthcare, with some work in the social care sector too.

In my private practice I have worked with a number of staff in the NIHR to enable them to manage the professional complexities of working with so many different stakeholder communities.  Mike Rogers MBE, Assistant Director of Global Health Research was kind enough to reflect on his coaching experience with me...

'I appreciated Jeremy's adroit way of challenging me when the situation required it; he has a powerful yet non-confrontational knack for this, which I found resonated with me long after the session.'  Read More


and another from Amanda, a Senior Research Fellow at the NIHR

'Tapping into and making connections which you never thought would be linked is like a ‘light bulb’ moment in your head. Everything starts to become clear and opens up even deeper conservations about how to make positive changes and re-direct your approach, behaviour and attitude in future situations.' Read More


As a founding coach with 'Know You More' I worked with NHS Scotland in supporting staff across the health and social care system during 2020 and 2021, during COVID-19.   It was an extraordinary project, called 'Coaching for Wellbeing' BLOG POST  delivered to many hundreds of staff by a large cohort of coaches.  We all have our memories of this difficult time and the communities who were at the epicentre of coping with it needed a place to process what was going on.  Providing that ‘port in a storm’ sanctuary was of incredible value.  The experience was challenging for coaches too who found themselves working on much shorter coaching partnerships than normal, in a reality that no-one was prepared for.  It was one of those situations where everyone wanted to fix what was going on and when they found it was too big for them to fix the temptation to throw your hands in the air and give in was sooo strong!  What coaches learned to do was provide short coaching partnerships to a large community, and to simply ‘do what was possible’ in the time available.  However little that might have been, it was worthwhile.

Jeremy was excellent & helped to gently steer me towards a sense of greater control over my circumstances and acknowledging my emotions without necessarily labelling them as good or bad. 

Sue P, NHS Manager

This was a hugely beneficial experience. It helped me to reflect and gain some clarity about what I needed to do next. It completely changed the way I think about myself and how I view my life, actions and options.

Christine L, Manager and Professional Lead for Speech and Language Therapy Services

It was fantastic for me to work with such a committed community of people and I continue to enjoy coaching in this sector. 

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