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Feedback from a selection of Clients 2021 - 2022
"It's like an MOT for your thinking!"

My entire thought process regarding stress/confidence at work has completely changed the way I feel about my job. By unpicking my worries/concerns, I am now able to change the way I think about situations and handle them in a much healthier way.

For me, the most valuable aspect of the coaching was ensuring I had carved out time to think more deeply.  Running a business makes it difficult to create headspace - Jeremy was very effective at asking challenging questions to test my assumptions.

I feel the coaching was the best thing for me!  It was something I have never taken part in before, yet Jeremy gave me time to focus and space to concentrate on what is important.  He has brought my self esteem up to a high level & now I must ensure it stays that way.

The coaching gave me time to think about my own performance and I realised that usually I do not get this opportunity. It felt good to stop and think about myself and how I could improve.

The coaching helped me to think about what I valued and how my current position/institution matched those values (or not!).

"This was an amazing journey!"

The coaching experience was difficult at times, but drew out a lot of complex feelings I had about myself and what I needed to challenge myself on to really deliver in the role.

This was an amazing journey for me! I was at a crossroads - Jeremy held the space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings without judgement. He nudged where needed and he'd the mirror for me to see myself. In a word - informational!

Coaching allowed me space to think - and this was great. I felt I was allowed space, with gentle prompts, to allow me to come to my own conclusions. I left each session with actions that I WANTED to work on meaning I was fully invested in its success.

I found the experience very useful, as it came at a particularly relevant time. Jeremy encouraged me to reflect on some specific issues, as well as to take a longer term view of my capacities, skills and approaches. He helped me develop a structure.


The coaching has been incredible. Jeremy has made me think completely differently and explore so many alternatives that I had not thought about. He is quietly challenging and I felt totally relaxed talking to him.

"I felt totally relaxed talking to him."

It provided me with a space where I was challenged to think about things differently. Often I felt uncomfortable with some of that challenge, but it forced me to think deeply about some of the issues I was considering

It helped me to see things from another perspective and to see how I could be more rounded in my approach to day to day tasks as well as more problematic topics

The experience was very useful in creating space and motivation to reflect on the issues identified. Encouraged me to think differently in thinking about how to address  negative feelings and take a more positive perspective on evaluating myself.

The coaching experience helped me to further understand the reasons and motivations behind the topics i wanted to talk about.

Speaking out loud rather than internalising my thoughts really helped me understand what I really meant. I found that the coaching was valuable afterwards as it made me think about links between each coaching session. Jeremy created a safe space.

"Speaking out loud helped me understand what I really  meant."

I wondered how I could spend an hour talking on the phone to my mentor, Jeremy. However, an hour wasn't enough and felt like we had only covered a small amount in a short space of time, the hour would fly by! Jeremy was very good at 'making me think'

Each session allowed me the space to consider what I wanted to achieve, to explore my current thinking and pushed me to really think about how I felt and how others felt.  I felt I went to new depths of thinking with the support in the sessions.

It was good to be guided in my thoughts and for some items to be explained or clarified in a constructive way.  It made me understand myself better.  It gave me time and space to work through my feelings about this too.  Some of it wasn't easy!

The experience is self lead, with guides. I would describe it as an M.O.T for your thinking, and it help me to clear my think and have clear thinking on the issue and how I was going to move forward.

It helped me to think about things more objectively and less emotionally, and gave me the tools to feel confident about tackling issues that I have no prior experience of.

"Enabling & Challenging but always Supportive."


The coaching worked as a mirror that clearly reflected my personal values and my beliefs. It helped me identify limiting beliefs and place emphasis on developing my career according to my values.

The whole coaching experience completely opened my mind to how things I didn't think were linked were and how it influences how I approach situations differently. Working through different areas and dedicating time to understand in more detail helps.

Coaching made me realise that the topics I wanted to look at were part of a much broader range of behaviours. It enabled me to inwardly reflect in a positive way and made me aware of where I may be overextending qualities of my persona.

I found this coaching experience very helpful.  I was initially very self conscious but now feel confident as i carry out not only work life but personal too.

Coaching gave me the time out from a busy schedule to 'think' in a calm environment and help me explore issues in a way you couldn't with a colleague.

"Gave me time in a busy schedule to think in a calm environment."

It was great to hone in on my stumbling blocks, to examine them in detail and to work out some strategies for how to make progress.  Encouraging and enabling oftentimes challenging but always supportive.

I found the coaching experience incredibly useful as it was an opportunity to dig a bit more deeply into issues I was facing, but to not be told what to do, but given open questions that made me think more about my perspective and potential solutions

When comparing my outcome at the end to what I wanted at the beginning, it was totally different.  The coaching taught me to look at difficult situations, what could I do to improve the situation and to look at the positive aspect. Glad I did this

It helped me to widen my thinking on the subjects, and question certain blockades i may have been putting in my own way even if some were dismissed (by me). 

Allowed me to take the time and reflect on the different situations to help me come up with a way forward. Allowed me to reflect on the way that I had dealt with similar situations in the past and how this impacted on outcomes.

The experience, as in previous sessions with Jeremy, gave me the space to think and work through my own thoughts. There were pre-questions to get the thinking process going, and these helped formulate some ideas in advance.

"Me-centric & surprisingly emotional."

Very good experience, felt supportive and me centric- and allowed me to explore my actions in relation to my thoughts, worries and feelings. Surprisingly emotional at points, and opportunity to take a very good look at what and why i do what i do.

It was really helpful to me.  I was able to reframe difficulties I had at work and plan how to tackle them.

Challenged my perception of the current situations and challenges that I believed to be facing. Challenged my reactions and thinking around my interfaces with peers and superiors

Confidence and validation of areas we discussed

It really helped having an objective point of view in the coach and provided some distance to talk about topics objectively.

"Jeremy is able to plant a seed & let you do the growing yourself."

At a time where working in the NHS is the hardest it has ever been, my coaching sessions offered a space where I was free to explore the difficult and then to rediscover the joy

I found the coaching experience really useful to talk about things that perhaps I hadn't considered before or didn't know who to talk to about before.

The coaching experience made me look at the topics I wanted to discuss from different perspectives.  I felt like  had more options and I felt more optimistic.   Jeremy is able to plant a seed and let you do the growing yourself.

It was refreshing and energising to be supported in exploring thoughts in a different way. It helped me think differently about things, and feel more positive and motivated.


Jeremy gave me the time and space to really think about my approach to my work and my contribution within my organisation. Jeremy kept our discussions relevant to the goals set while still allowing freedom to explore my thoughts and emotions.

"I have developed my confidence."

It gave me a good opportunity to reflect on current challenges that I had been facing at work. It gave me a good opportunity to talk about and think about how I could better face up to those challenges, and some positive actions that could be taken.

The coaching helped me to question my ways of thinking as well as recognise how I felt about the topics i talked about

It allowed me to set aside time before, during and after coaching to reflect on my Core learning journey, but also on my own development as a colleague and Director especially in the midst of change (pandemic & co-Director's intention of leaving)

Coaching helped me to see topics in a new light and made me reflect on how i am thinking, feeling and dealing with the topics chosen

Reflecting on my own coaching practice with Jeremy was enlightening. He held the space for positive critical thinking to take place, was non-judgmental yet insightful with his questions and feedback.

"Non judgmental, yet insightful"

Jeremy was fantastic and I can’t thank him enough. I have developed my confidence and he enabled me to realise how important it is to be self aware.

It helped me look at the topics we spoke about in a different way.  I am all about the "reframing" now :) It also helped me understand why I was feeling certain ways and gave me mechanisms to cope with the way I was feeling.


Jeremy created a very friendly and comfortable environment in which I felt supported to be able to express myself and opinions in a safe manner with no judgement or expectations.

This was my first coaching experience and it helped me realise how helpful it is to have someone listen as you talk things through, ask the right questions, prod you to think deeply about things, take a step back, etc.

I was very sceptical at first as it was group coaching, but I really benefited once I went solo. It gave me the ability to see things from a different perspective which helped with dealing with issues.

"Someone to listen to me"

The ability to have an identified time to have the opportunity to pause and reflect critically on my work and the impact of covid on self and staff was invaluable.

It  inspired hope but it was somewhat daunting and made me realise that I have a lot more to do to get where I need to be.

Initially I was unsure what I needed,  I knew something wasn’t right and I needed guided space to explore.  The sessions helped me explore my situation, the associated thoughts and feelings, how I felt about the thoughts and what I could do next.

It gave me an opportunity to stop and talk and allowed me to learn a lot about myself and provide a deeper learning than transactional


The coaching helped give me confidence in myself and encouraged me to put myself out there in social/work situations. It provided me with greater understanding of  myself, making me more self aware and recognition of self development.

"Allowed me to reset my views"

I feel the short number of sessions I had with Jeremy helped me reflect on how to become a better manager. I feel Jeremy offered a different perspective on how my actions may come across to others.

I found the coaching more challenging, and 'deeper', than I anticipated. I think it allowed me to reset my views on aspects of my workplace that were troubling me, and see them from a different, more positive perspective.

This was my first experience of coaching and I was pleasantly surprised how useful I found it.  Jeremy helped me identify aspects of work I needed to focus on and also revealed subconscious thoughts relevant to my career goal.

I was helped to see my potential and skills from a new perspective.

You helped me realise the importance of bringing intentionality into my work every day, as well as using experiences to prepare to be a better version of my self in the future...which is now! Thank you!

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