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The following are endorsements from colleagues with whom I worked in the early years of Alpamayo Coaching Ltd. They cover work I completed as a coach, a change manager, and a multicentre programme manager.  All represent work at the interface between academia and the healthcare sector.


Jeremy as change leader, programme manager and

leadership and group coach

By Lynn Kerridge, Chief Executive Officer,
NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre


Jeremy worked for the National Institute for Health Research Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordination Centre (NETSCC) throughout a two and a half year contract.  Over this period he created and managed a change programme that supported my Centre’s successful outcome in the tender process for a new contract with the Department of Health and Social Care.  A particular challenge in this work was working with people across the organisation at all levels to raise personal and collective expectations in terms of innovation and improvement without losing sight of delivering business as usual.  Jeremy applied his people skills and coaching approach while project managing a cross NIHR change implementation, an activity that depended on building trusting relationships between different interest groups.

He also led our Research on Research team who produced some significant outputs during his time in charge.  His success in this area depended on helping research and business leaders in the organisation to understand each other and to work together with increasing synergy.

Since setting up his own organisation, Alpamayo Coaching Ltd, Jeremy has provided a number of services to NETSCC.  He has provided 1-2-1 leadership coaching and group coaching for team development and facilitation.  He has also project managed a NIHR funded research project looking at the use of digital tools in clinical trials recruitment as well as managing an evaluation of change implementation across NIHR funding schemes, which he had project managed during his time as a member of staff here.

In all this work Jeremy has demonstrated his skill in building trusting relationships with and between people.  He is both supportive and challenging in working with people, having high expectations and a willingness to invest time and effort to help people to realise their own potential.  The feedback from my colleagues has been uniformly positive and we will certainly be using his services as opportunities arrive in the future.

Jeremy as change leader, programme manager

and leadership coach 

By Professor Jeremy Wyatt DM FRCP ACMI
Director, Wessex Institute
of Health Research


I’d like to thank Jeremy Hinks and recommend him for his effectiveness in helping the Wessex Institute navigate a complex – and at times demanding - organisational change process, and particularly for his sensitivity and effectiveness at working with people as individuals to get the best from them, and understand what a customer wants and then deliver on it.

I have not personally experienced his coaching but some of my staff have, and report that he is extremely sensitive and takes great care to understand their issues or concerns and help them develop their own capacity to resolve these. I was, however, impressed at Jeremy’s professionalism and attention to detail in exploring and agreeing the aims of the coaching programme during our three way contracting meeting (with the staff member and myself as their manager), and appreciate how important this is in establishing an effective coaching relationship, with clear objectives and success criteria.

I have, however, benefited from his excellent project management, supporting a funded NIHR project with a range of collaborators to become an effective, productive team. As well as organising and minuting meetings (some with senior NHS / NIHR directors) this entailed considerable work between meetings, reminding us about our agreed activities and helping us write agendas, articles and website content. All of this was done with Jeremy’s characteristic light touch and tact, but providing clear objectives, deadlines and reference material so that even the most recalcitrant collaborator – often myself – delivered their promised material just in time ! 

Jeremy as project manager in a multicentre research project


By Professor Gareth Griffiths
Professor of Clinical Trials, Southampton Clinical Trials Unit


Jeremy Hinks has been a fantastic project manager for our digital tools methodology research project, enabling us to deliver the project to time and budget. We hope to work with him again.

Jeremy as project manager in a multi-centre research project


By Bill Gillespie, Chief Executive
Wessex Academic Health Scienc
e Network (WAHSN) 


Jeremy supported our Senior Leadership Team at a critical point in its development just a few months after it had formed.  He prepared thoroughly for the coaching by understanding where we had come from, our perception of current challenges and our future direction; he tested out his thinking about the coaching support offer so that it felt genuinely co-developed; and he provided a framework for surfacing people’s working styles and strengths with straightforward “homework” before the coaching sessions and a clear structure for the coaching sessions themselves.  The result was intriguing, fun and insightful coaching for the team.  At the end of it, we were wiser about ourselves, about each other and about us as team.  This has followed through into our appreciation of each other and how we can work more effectively as a team.

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