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Describing TAYT

Thinking about your Thinking (TAYT) has become something of a 'brand' for me. It came to me from two separate directions.

Firstly, I was considering what phrase might link the coaching, facilitiation and training services that I offer. I realised that TAYT applied to all these, to a degree their distinctiveness being associated with the level of direction in their delivery.

Secondly, one of my drivers is to bring coaching to a wider community and do this through sharing ideas about self awareness/ self coaching (through training in large groups); building competency in peer to peer coaching practice (training and facilitating in small groups; and finally benefiting from working with a credentialed coach (my 1-2-1 and group coaching).

TAYT works as a descriptor cum 'call to action' in relation to my intent in these activities. I made a video describing TAYT but did not post straight away as it originally felt like a bit of 'navel gazing'.

I have realised that not sharing something that is important to me, that describes my intent and what I do, is unwise and if not navel gazing it certainly means the video is without purpose. Seeing as I always advocate being purposeful here is a link to my thinking about TAYT. Along with this link comes my invitation for your thoughts, feedback, and further interest.

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