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Outputs, outcomes and impact

The success of a coaching experience can be measured in a variety of ways and by far and away the best judge this are my coachees through their feedback.

In general, success is measured through an assessment of the outputs arising from coaching, the related outcomes and the associated impact.  


Outputs are something tangible and evidence based arising from the coaching.  It might  be success in an assessment, a strong interview performance, a job offer.  All will be important to you while representing a destination reached.  No question outputs are important but they are not the whole story.


Outcomes from coaching may be dramatic or more subtle.  They are changes in behaviour and thinking that make us feel different as well as being recognised by colleagues, family and friends.  These are changes that are much more on a development continuum that can have an influence far beyond the time frame of the coaching itself.

Some examples of outcomes from my coaching include:

  • clarity and direction in relation to reaching your goals

  • motivation and confidence in your ability to develop from within

  • increased self-aware and ability to respond to your own needs

  • feeling powerful in taking ownership of your actions


Impact is a measure of the immediate effect of the coaching as well the ripples that arise over the longer term.  It is about the recognising the changes in the coachee and on their environment at work and play.  In the corporate setting this is referred to as the return on investment (RoI) of the coaching:  the measurable benefits of coaching minus its cost of delivery.

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